Victor Victor IP 3 LN Squash Racket

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The IP 3L N is engineered in Germany by Victor, suited to all-round players looking for distinct light weight power.

The lightweight construction offers superb handling while keeping the necessary power with the lightness to the next success.

Made from 100% high modulus graphite, the classic teardrop head shape and diameter of 492cm2 allows for optimum power due to a single string being stretched further. It is the professional squash association suggested length of 27”, weighing around 120g allowing for greater control. A heady heavy design and balance point of 365mm gives greater power. Ashaway Super Nick XL Micro string is used, following a 14 x 18 template with a maximum string tension of 12kg.

It follows an orange and white colour scheme and a full size thermo bag is issued as standard.


·         Material                                                   100% High Modulus Graphite

·         Colour                                                       Orange, White

·         Head Shape                                            Teardrop

·         Head Size                                                 Approx. 492cm2

·         Weight                                                       Approx. 120g  

·         Length                                                        Approx. 27”

·         Balance                                                      Approx. 365mm

·         Maximum Stringing Tension        12kg.

·         String Pattern                                        14 x 18 Template

·         String                                                           Ashaway Super Nick XL Micro - Yellow

·         Game Type                                               Allround, Light     

·         Bag                                                                 Full Size Thermobag

·         Extras                                                           Lightweight Frame, Engineered in Germany