American Football

American Football, as the name suggests, is more commonly found in the United States although it's popularity is spreading throughout the Uk.

The game takes place on a large rectangular pitch between two opposing teams who are attacking opposite ends of the field, which have goal posts positioned there. Though there are far ranging and complicated rules to the game the objective is to gain points by advancing the ball into the opposing teams end zone at the end of the field. The ball is moved forward through the field by either running with it or throwing to a teammate. Points are scored by having possesion of the ball in your opponents end zone or kicking the ball through the opponents goal posts.

American Football is becoming increasingly popular within the UK and Ransome have recognized this by bringing Baden's range of footballs into the market place. The range covers both the high value as well as the more recreational balls. This range continues to increase year on year to suit all markets and needs within the United Kingdom and Ireland.