Our Brands


The Butterfly brand was created by Tamasu Company of Tokyo in 1954.  For the last 60 years Butterfly have been at the forefront of the development of top performance table tennis equipment and evidence of this is the vast list of Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth champions who have used and have recommend Butterfly products over that period.

The current World and Olympic Champion, Zhang Jike, uses Butterfly equipment. 

In Britain too, Butterfly has been the leading brand for more than 30 years. Currently most of England’s leading players use Butterfly equipment including England’s No 1 and twice National Champion, Liam Pitchford and English Women’s Champion, Jo Drinkhall. Most of the leading players from Scotland, Wales and Ireland also use Butterfly equipment as well as the vast majority of the top youngsters.

Butterfly table tennis tables are used for most of the leading events in the UK including the World Championships, European Championships, Commonwealth Championships and in 2014 for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Both the English and Scottish National Championships were also played on Butterfly tables and with Butterfly balls in March 2014.

Butterfly are the official clothing suppliers to the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish National Associations and to many of their top players. Butterfly provides the equipment for many events and competitions throughout Britain, including all the main events organised by the English Schools' Table Tennis Association and the British Table Tennis Association for People with a Disability. Butterfly is the main supplier for several major programmes, including the Greenhouse Schools Project and the iconic Bounce Club, both in London.

RSG have been the Butterfly distributors for the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1979


Practice partner is a brand owned by Ransome Sporting Goods, dedicated to providing training products, including table tennis tobots and multi ball and robot ball collectors. The Practice Partner brand provides robots catering from beginner level player through to advanced sophisticated models for top players.

RSG developed the first Practice Partner robots in 2009.


Baden is on the the largest manufacturers of inflatable balls in the world. Baden is renowned for quality. In the UK the Baden basketball has been exclusively adopted for use in this country's major competitions and by the English and Scottish Basketball Associations as the official ball for all their national competitions and grass roots programmes, where both players and coaches have been impressed with the quality and feel of the ball. Baden introduced the Tan and Cream concept into British basketball, which has become the hallmark of play in these competitions. There is a Baden ball to suit every requirement.

Baden is also famous for their baseballs and softballs which are used extensively in their home United States market as well as being used for many competitions throughout the United Kingdom.

Baden also offers a range of quality balls volleyball, American football, soccer and dodgeball.

RSG have been the Baden distributors for the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1991.


Sure Shot produces a wide range of equipment for basketball, netball, gymnastics, rounders and badminton equipment. 

Sure Shot, a brand owned by Ransome Sporting Goods, is one of the leading brands of basketball equipment throughout Europe. Sure Shot provides a full range of products designed to suit every need from institutions, to clubs, and the home market. In the UK, Sure Shot has been selected by England Basketball and Basketball Scotland as their official supplier. Sure Shot supplied the basketball units for the Lottery funded Outdoor Basketball Initiative project.

Both England Basketball and Basketball Scotland endorse and recommend many of the Sure Shot products.

Sure Shot also has a range of netball equipment to cover all netball requirements covering the Easiplay unit which is designed for primary schools through to the Inground and portable units suitable for schools, clubs and leisure centres. The equipment is designed for be suitable for home as well as recreational and institutional use.

In 2006 Sure Shot launched a range of gymnastics equipment suitable for schools, leisure centres and clubs which includes a large range of gym mats, benches in 4 sizes and 4 different types of mat trolleys.

Sure Shot offers a range of Soft Play equipment that is ideal for primary schools and nurseries. These sports shapes can be used individually or in creative combinations to develop skill and movement and add variety and challenge.

Launching in the Summer of 2014, Sure Shot rounders equipment.

Following a number of requests from our valued customers, RSG has produced the Sure Shot range of Rounders equipment. This range has been developed to include models to suit every level of play.

This range includes top level bats which have been developed to include the "spliced" handle, as used widely in quality cricket bats.This style of handle makes the bat longer lasting and be much more durable. As per our current Baden range of baseball and softballs, we also offer a Sure Shot safety rounders ball. This ball has a soft polycore centre and is ideal for youngsters and beginners alike. The centre of the ball gives it force, helping to both restrict flight and reduce impact when caught by the player. Also in the range are the required accessories including a bag and posts.

The Sure Shot range is completed with a range of badminton posts and nets which are suitable for both the club and education market.

RSG have been marketing Sure Shot in the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1992.




Victor is one of the leading brands in the world for Badminton and we are pleased to have them within our portfolio since 2020

Victor are an international leader in Badminton and were founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1968. They are dedicated to making Badminton stronger, and liver by more people around the world with the most advanced technologies that can be put on badminton rackets, footwear, apparel and badminton-specific accessories. 

The world's Top-ranked female player Tai Tzu Ying, world champions Mohammed Ahsan / Hendra Setiawan and many other elite pro's have been using Victor products which are welcomed and sold in more than 60 countries across five continents.

FZ Forza


FZ Forza is among the leading brands in the world for Badminton and we are pleased to have introduced them to the company in 2020.

With a remit of 'Top Quality Badminton Equipment for Everyone' they strive to make Badminton available to everyone.

FZ Forza was founded in 1990 in Denmark by Mark Christiansen and are proud of being innovated in Denmark. With a keen eye on European and Nordic trends they follow the Danish Flag and Danish referecnes when creating new produced. The creation of the FZ Forza brand was based on the idea of a Danish quality product at a fair price and an alternative to the Asian brands. Currently FZ Forza is the second biggest brand in Denmark and continuing to grow throughout the world.


PickleBall United


From one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and a recent addition to the brand portfolio, Pickleball United is known for it's high quality products. The current range includes, paddles, balls, nets, court equipment and flooring.




Louisville has been providing quality equipment since 1884 and have been the traditional supplier of equipment for baseball and softball in the United States under the name "Louisville Slugger" which has become synonymous with the sports. Louisville manufacture bats and gloves to the highest quality.

A recent addition to the range of Ransome Sporting Goods products is the introduction of Wilson baseball and softball equipment. The combination of Wilson, Louisville Slugger and Baden provides a full range of equipment; from youngsters taking their first steps into the sports, to the seasoned professional.

Ransome Sporting Goods works closely with British Softball Federation and British Baseball Federation, along with Baseball Softball UK - the development arm for the two governing bodies. This include Baseball Softball UK's Team Pack programe and official Baseballs and Softballs.

Ransome Sporting Goods has been the Louisville Slugger distributor for the United Kingdom and Ireland since 2002.


To meet the requirements of the baseball and softball market at entry level for both education and retail use, RSG registered the Bronx brand which is a range of well designed and attractively packaged product ideally suited for this market.  The range includes wooden and aluminium bats for both softball and baseball, gloves and safety balls. The Bronx brand is included with the arrangement with Baseball & Softball UK, in particular with the launch of the Fastball programme for primary school children.

RSG have been marketing Bronx in the United Kingdom and Ireland since 2004



Ransome Tennis is a high quality range of rackets and balls, aimed mainly at the educational and recreational section of the market. The attractive design and exceptional value have provided the impetus for Ransome tennis rackets to gain a significant share in the school and coaching market.

The popularity of racketball has been increasing in the British market and this has been recognised by both Sport England and the Squash Rackets Association who have included the game of racketball within their remit and title. RSG have introduced a range of racketball rackets, balls and luggage for this sport.