Victor Victor Center Jet Squash Racket

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The Center Jet racket is engineered in Germany by Victor. It is ideal for beginners and very suitable as a rental racket for squash and leisure centres.

Made from fused graphite and aluminium it is the perfect combination of weight, durability, and balance. The yellow, heart head shape allows for a larger sweet spot and more control. It is the professional squash association suggested length of 27”, weighing around 180g giving greater power. The racket is balanced at 340mm giving greater control making it ideal for beginners. Durable multifilament synthetic string is used following a 14 x 19 template with a maximum stringing tension of 10kg.


·         Material                                                    Fused Graphite and Aluminium

·         Colour                                                        Yellow

·         Head Shape                                             Heart

·         Weight                                                       Approx. 180g  

·         Length                                                        Approx. 27”

·         Balance                                                      Approx. 340mm

·         Maximum Stringing Tension         10kg.

·         String Pattern                                        14 x 19 Template

·         String                                                          Multifilament synthetic string

·         Game Type                                               Beginner

·         Extras                                                          Engineered in Germany