Louisville Slugger Senior Softball Team Pack

Code: 8781

The senior softball team pack – containing true pieces of baseball equipment from the biggest brands in the sport and products used in leagues/games throughout the UK.

With all the equipment needed to play a game - the Senior Softball Team Pack includes products ideally suited to adult players.

The main item in the pack is the A360 Baseball glove from Wilson – made from leather for the true baseball experience. These gloves are a 13” size ideally suited for adults with all the padding and feel you’d expect from a Wilson ball glove. The pack includes 10 gloves with 8 in a standard right-hand throw and 2 in a left-hand throw.

Also included in the pack is the Reaction Alloy bat from Louisville Slugger – one of the most famous brands in baseball. The alloy material makes the bat highly durable and built to last. With a full softball 34” length and 26oz weight – a combination of weight and length used by players playing at a competitive level.

The final part of the kit is the softballs – the balls included are the Baden ‘Genui’ balls. Approved by the British Softball Federation and used in most leagues and tournaments throughout the UK. The ball is a full ‘hard’ ball with a leather cover and high visibility colour of yellow.

To complete the set a wheeled bag and set of bases are included – giving you everything you need to play a game of baseball.


Each pack contains:

• 1 x Louisville Slugger 34” Alloy bat

• 10 x Wilson A360 13” baseball gloves (8 x right hand throw and 2 x left hand throw)

• 6 x Baden ‘Genui’ baseballs

• 1 x Set of Throw Down markers

• 1 x Wheeled Holdall


Code 8771

P1 37.4" x 19.6" x 19.6" (95cm x 50cm x 50cm)

Barcode 506055 6524059



Since 1884 when John A 'Bud' Hillerich hand-turned a white ash bat for Peter 'The Gladiator' Browning, at the University of Miami, Louisville have been the traditional supplier of baseball and softball equipment in the United States and the name 'Louisville Slugger' has become some synonymous with the company and the sport. Louisville are devoted to making performance equipment that meets the standard of the hitters. From Pete Browning to Babe Ruth to Hank Aaron to Ken Griffey Jr to Dot Richardson, to the best players as well as those who simply love to play the game.

From bats to gloves Louisville offer the best quality of Baseball and Softball products. Also now available are portable pitching machines. These machines are fully mechanical and adaptable to suit not just baseball and softball but a whole range of other sports. Louisville have now also looked into the volume section of the market which a new range of sets ideally suited to the retail market. All these sets are attractively packaged and contain true baseball equipment.

Combining Louisville's first class knowledge of both Sports they have combined with RSG and BSUK to offer the current Under 16 and Senior Team packs, offering a one-off pack with everything you need to play the two sports.