• Ransome Racket Holdall

Ransome Racket Holdall

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  • Product Reference: 2303

Top quality Multifunctional Racket Bag

• Holds up to 12 rackets

• Designated Compartment for shoes

• Designated Compartment for Sportswear

• Aluminium foil to protect rackets from the heat and cold

• Straps with cushioning support provides ultra comfort

• Compartment for personal items

• Size 74cm x 30.5cm x 24cm

Code 2303  Ransome racket holdall 

P1 (79cm x 36cm x 29cm)


Barcode 5060097416097


Ransome Sporting Goods offer, under it's own brand,  a high quality value range of both Tennis and Racketball products. These are specifically aimed at the educational and recreational section of the market. This includes 5 different size tennis rackets for younger players right up to full size Adult size. Also available are the popular tennis buckets with balls included; available in either 96 balls or 60 balls size.

Recently added to the range and aimed at the schools markets are Primary and Secondary packs. Each packs contains a set of rackets, balls and full size carry bag with products suitable to the relevant level.

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