FORZA FZ Forza Power Padel Ball Racket

Code: 488007

Forza Power Padel Ball Racket

FZ Forza Power Padel Ball Racket is a really good choice for beginners.

The weight, balance and soft EVA foam makes it a very good racket for beginners. This racket makes it easy to control the ball.

All in all, a really good beginner racket.


MEDIUM BALANCE – Medium balanced rackets are at a balance between the optimised handling from head light rackets and the more powerful head heavy rackets.

SOFT EVA – A soft EVA means that the EVA foam inside the racket is quite soft. This gives the player a really good touch and a nice feeling whilst playing.

COMPOSITE GRAPHITE – This racket is made of a combination between graphite and glass fibre. The frame is graphite, the surface and hitting area are both glass fibre.


·         Colour                                                      Green/Black  

·         Weight                                                     Approx. 360-365g

·         Shape                                                       Teardrop

·         Foam                                                         Soft

·         Materia                                                   50% Carbon, 50% Glass Fibre.