FORZA FZ Forza Aero X9 Spin Padel Ball Racket

Code: 488015

Forza Aero X9 Spin Padel Ball Racket

FZ Forza Aero X9 Spin Padel Ball Racket is a perfect racket if you look for both spin and control.

The teardrop shape optimises the balance between control and power.

With the 3D printed surface and extra top frame protection, you get a top racket made of 100% graphite.


X-PROTECTION – If ‘x-protection’ is marked on the racket it means that an extra frame protection has been added on the top of the frame from production. This protection helps to protect the racket when hitting the ground or the wall.

X-SPIN – The rackets marked with the ‘x-spin’ logo all have a rougher surface than the basic rackets. This gives players a better chance to ‘grab’ the ball and create a lot of spin while playing.

MEDIUM BALANCE – Medium balanced rackets are a balance between the optimised handling from head light rackets and the more powerful head heavy rackets.

HARD EVA – Rackets with a hard EVA inside ensure that the touch is very fast and accurate. Here the player has good chances of hitting the ball hard and with lots of power.

100% GRAPHITE – This racket is made up of 100% graphite, which gives the player really good playability.


·         Colour                                                    Green

·         Weight                                                   Approx. 355 +/- 10g

·         Shape                                                     Teardrop

·         Foam                                                       Hard

·         Material                                                100% Carbon