Roberto Sports Summer Free Cover Table Football

Code: 51009


The Summer Free Cover football table has been created with the intended use of outdoor play. Created with an unbreakable tempered glass cover, this adds the benefits of, preventing the theft of the balls, cushioning the noise, preventing the ball from leaving the playing field and keeping the playing field always clean, created with the most reliable of waterproof materials the Summer Free Cover can be guaranteed to be safe in any outdoor locations.


The Summer Cover has a 2 year warranty.

  • Construction:             Marine Plywood 25mm
  • Playing Surface:         Tempered Green Glass with white playfield lines (dims 111 x 70cm)
  • Table Legs:                  Anodized Aluminium
  • Table Feet:                  Fixed Foot 80 x 80 with Rubber Insertions
  • Table Rod’s:                Telescopic Diam. 18mm
  • Rod Handles:              Export. 18mm
  • Colour:                    Light Blue with Grey / Blue Figures

Weight: 69.30KG

Playing Dimensions: 110cm x 135cm x 90cm

Package Dimensions: 138cm x 80cm x 30cm

Barcode: 803279 3510840

Code: 51009



The Roberto Sport brand was founded in 1947 in Turin, Italy and has established itself are being one of the premier manufacturers of table football around the world. This reputation is enhanced by their continual technological and promotional development of their product range. In order to adjust to the increasingly demanding and competitive market, Roberto Sport continues to expand it's range and offers a wide range of football tables; either with or without a coin mechanism, as well as billiard, tennis and hockey tables.

Ransome Sporting Goods begin distributing the Roberto Sports range in late 2019 and continue to build the product range - ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained.