Baden Zone Rubber Basketball Range

Code: 308ZN7B/6P/5R/3G

 The Zone range of Basketballs from Baden – a range of balls using Baden’s high standards but at a more affordable price.

The range is designed as an all surface ball suitable for both indoors and outdoors. With a durable composite rubber cover it’s built to withstand the harshest of playing surfaces. With its dimpled surface the ball offers great grip and feel. An excellent value ball available in four sizes.

Each size ball is easily identifiable by colour:

·          Size 7 – Blue with silver channels

·          Size 6 – Purple with silver channels

·          Size 5 – Red with silver channels

·          Size 3 – Green with silver channels


  • Ideal for schools - each size has its own distinguishing colour to identify the size
  • Indoor / Outdoor all surface ball
  • Composite rubber cover
  • Great grip as a result of the dimple finish
  • Excellent value ball available in all four sizes
  • Size 7 - Blue, Size 6 - Purple, Size 5 - Red, Size 3 – Green


Baden Basketball Ball size chart


Basketball Size

Age and Gender

Size 3 - 22.5"

Ages 7 and under

Size 5 - 27.5"

Ages 9 - 11

Size 6 - 28.5"

Women and girls age 12 and up


Boys Intermediate ages 12 - 14

Size 7 - 29.5"

Men age 15 and up


Size 7 - Official 29.5 - 30"

Code - 308ZN7B

Barcode - 5060097417964

P40 - 21.6" x 11.8" x 24.4" (55cm x 30cm x 62cm)

Size 6 - Women's / Youth 28.5 - 29"

Code - 308ZN6B

Barcode - 5060097417957

P42 - 21.6" x 11.8" x 24.4" (55cm x 30cm x 62cm)

Size 5 - Junior 27.25 - 27.75"

Code - 308ZN5R

Barcode - 5060097417940

P45 - 21.6" x 11.8" x 24.4" (55cm x 30cm x 62cm)

Size 3 - Mini  22.25 - 22.75"

Code - 308ZN3G

Barcode - 5060097417933

P50 - 21.6" x 11.8" x 24.4" (55cm x 30cm x 62cm)





Baden is a specialist ball manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. Baden design and manufacture balls for a number of sports and have been doing so for more than 30 years. Baden are totally dedicated to producing the highest standard of ball possible and development is continuous to ensure that Baden stays at the forefront of design for all sports. Baden's intent is clear from the catchphrase 'Passion for a better game'.

The Baden Elite and Lexum balls are a combination of many years of hard work by Baden. They feature Baden's perfection design leading to the highest performance possible.

Other innovations from Baden include the patented cushion control technology. Baden also developed the first women's size basketball. Baden balls are appreciated by the players and coaches alike and supply the official ball of England Basketball and Basketball Scotland. Baden balls are used for all matches under the jurisdiction of these bodies.

Quality is Important

Baden have been manufacturing basketballs for 25 years and since the beginning the hallmark of the company has been the slogan "Quality is Important"

Cushion Control Technology (CCT)

Standard Basketball Cutaway 1.Outer Cover 2.Solid rubber compound 3.Nylon windings 4.2-ply butyl bladder

Cushion Control Technology Cutaway 1.Outer Cover 2.Cushioned air cells 3.Precision Nylon windings 4. 2-ply butyl bladder

Baden have developed and patented the revolutionary Cushion Control Technology (CCT).

Thousands of tiny air cells from a cushioned carcass which adds softness to the feel and gives the ball a truer bounce and longer life. Look for CCT and feel the difference.

Adoptions and Endorsements:

  • EB England National Teams
  • EB English Basketball Championship League
  • EB Mens National Cup
  • EB Womens National Cup
  • EB National Trophy
  • EB National Shield
  • BS Scottish National Teams
  • BS Scottish National League
  • BS Scottish National Cup
  • EB Sure Shot National Junior Cup
  • EB National Schools Finals

Key: EB England Basketball,  BS Basketball Scotland