Bronx BGM1300 Hybrid Adult Softball glove

Code: 890BGM1300



Bronx 13” PVC / Mesh Back Hybrid Softball Glove

The Bronx PVC / Mesh Hybrid range of gloves are designed to be a low-cost option of baseball glove.

The range includes a combination of PVC palm with a mesh lined back designed to create a lighter glove that’s easier to close. This combination of materials makes the gloves ideal for both beginners and recreational players alike.

Building upon the standard Bronx PVC gloves the Hybrid range includes additional padding in and around the palm and the heel of the glove for extra protection at ball impact points. The mesh back adds durability to the glove and helps maintain its shape. All the gloves in the range include a checkmate web with an open back with the additional features of a Velcro strap and added soft lining around the wrist area for added comfort.

The range includes a 10.5” model for younger players, a 12” adult model suitable for baseball and a 13” model for designed for adults playing softball.

  • 13” Adult size glove suitable for softball
  • PVC Palm / Mesh back Hybrid glove
  • Additional padding in and around the palm and heel at ball impact points
  • Mesh back for a lighter glove that is easier to close
  • Back helps maintains the overall shape of the glove
  • Checkmate web with open back
  • Velcro strap for comfort fit
  • Soft lining at wrist opening point
  • Colour – Black with Bronx green mesh back
  • Only available in right hand throw


Code 890BGM1300

P1 / P24  26.7” x 26.7” x 11” (68cm x 68cm x 28cm)

Barcode: 506055 6521584


In 2003, Ransome Sporting Goods, looked to produce their own brand of baseball and softball equipment targeting the volume and recreational side of the market.

Since that time the range has continued to grow with RSG owning the brand and being capable of applying it to a whole range of product ideally suited to this side of the market, both from a Retail and Educational perspective. All products are well designed and attractively packaged. The range includes wood and aluminum bats, as well as gloves and packs.



With the aid of BaseballSoftballUK, the development arm of the British Baseball Federation and British Softball Federation, RSG developed a range of equipment aimed at the development of players within the United Kingdom and Ireland. This equipment is specifically aimed at entry level of both sports and to introduce key skills need to play the games.

The aim of the Bronx Fastball products is to introduce Baseball and Softball to players in schools and clubs to teach the fundamental skills of catching, throwing and hitting whilst having fun and enjoying the two sports. The equipment is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. Wood bats have been replaced by polypropolene bats, whilst gloves are replaced with Velcro catching paddles.

Alongside the Bronx Fastball programme we have also developed team packs which are ideally suited for starting to play the sports more competitively. These packs have two levels; Under 16 to introduce new players to the type of equipment which will be used, and a full Senior pack for those looking to start playing at a higher level. Both packs are endorsed by BaseballSoftballUK.


Bronx Fastball is a new programme launched to introduce young people to the exciting sports of baseball and softball. The programme is made up of fun activities and games that will help develop movement, striking, fielding, throwing and catching skills.

Bronx Fastball is an exciting new summer sport game that youngsters will be demanding to play all year round - inside sports halls and outside on grass fields.

Bronx Fastball is the official introductory game of BaseballSoftballUK.

John Boyd

Head of development - BSUK