Softball is a team game that was derived from Baseball itself with some key differences. The main two being the game is played with a larger ball and pitches are thrown underhand rather than the over-arm seen in baseball. Softball is also played on a smaller diamond too. Despite the game's name the standard softball is not soft, in fact the ball is harder.

A game is played by two teams of ten players, with each team taking turns to bat while the other fields. The batting team aims to score runs by hitting a tossed ball with a bat and attempting to complete a circuit of the diamond, touching bases at each corner. This can be done either in one complete circuit (home run) or by stopping at a base whilst a teammate hits the ball. The fielding teams aim is to get the opponent out by catching a hit ball or throwing the ball to the base before the batting player reaches it. Once the batting team has had three players out the two teams switch places.

In the UK, Softball actually has a much bigger participation than Baseball. The sport is overseen by the British Softball Federation but also has a number of more regional associations throughout the country. The Fedearation is also supported by BSUK (BaseballSoftballUK) who assist as a development agency for the sport. 

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