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  • Product Reference: 5GBS380010

• Multi filament string capable of high tension with increased durability and elasticity from special blended resin

• Length:10m

• Colour: white

• Diameter (m/m): 0.70 (m/m)

• Recommended tension: 22 - 26 lbs

Code 5GBS380010 (10m) 

Barcode 4906365952793

P1 (22cm x 17cm x 3cm)

P60 (25cm x 12cm x 8cm)

Code 5GBS3700200 (200m) 

Barcode 4906365975440

P60 (28cm x 14cm x 14cm)

Reel (23cm x 23cm x 5cm)



Gosen is the worlds largest string manufacturer and provides quality string for all standards of tennis, The comprehensive range of Gosen strings for each sport ensures that there is a string to suit every player of all styles and ability levels. Gosen are one of the few manufacturers who makes all its strings in it's own factory in Osaka, Japan.

For tennis, Gosen has been the official stringer at the AIG Japan Open, the Federation Cup and the All Japan Tennis Championships. For Badminton they have been the official string for the Malaysia Open and Asian Junior Continental Championships.

Gosen is at the forefront of string technology, the most recent being Nano Cubic Badminton string.

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