• 3 Star Super 40 mm (Box of 3)
  • 3 Star Super 40 mm (Box of 3)
  • 3 Star Super 40 mm (Box of 3)

Schildkrot3 Star Super 40 mm (Box of 3)

Ask a question 3 Star Super 40 mm (Box of 3)
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• Popular match ball

• 40mm ball to meet ITTF requirements

• Black Schildkrot logo signifies higher quality

• Display hanging box

• Used for many major competitions in Britain over the last twenty years

• Used for World, European, Commonwealth and English Championships

• ITTF approved

• Available in white or orange 

Weight box of 3: 22 gms

P20 Inner 5.5" x 7" x 9" (14cm x 18cm x 23cm)

P320 Outer 18" x 14.5" x 23.2" (46cm x 37cm x 59cm_

Code (white) 10615   

Barcode 4000885 834000

Code (orange) 10619  

Barcode 4000885 834802


Schildkröt was established more than 100 years ago and soon after became a pioneer in developing the blow-press production method for table tennis balls that is still used in modern production today. Since then Schildkröt table tennis balls have been used in hundreds of international competitions. The Schildkröt ball quickly became No.1 in the world.

During the last decade Schildkröt sales have expanded rapidly throughout the world and Schildkröt became the No.1 brand for recreational table tennis products. Schildkröt worldwide guarantees constant top quality products based on the latest production technology and systematic quality control. In Britain too, Schildkröt bats, balls, play sets and net and post sets are the market leaders in the hobby sector.

A number of top players continue to endorse Schildkröt products, one being Matthew Syed. Matthew Syed has been the UK's leading player over the last decade. Winner of three Commonwealth and four National singles titles, he is one of the world's top defensive players. Matthew is also very well known for his off table activities, including organiser of major table tennis televised events, the commentator for the majority of BBC, Sky and Euro Sport competitions, and a writer on a variety of sports for The Times newspaper.

Schildkröt - Easy choice system

The range of Schildkröt bats are categorised to enable an easy selection of the most suitable bat using an easy chart. This chart appears on the back packaging of every bat allowing the player to chose exactly the correct bat to suit their game.

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