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Tailball Light with medium - weight bats and a lighter Tailball. This set is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

• Two plastic Tailball checker bats

• One Tailball Light provided with set

• Colour: Green

Bat weight 150 Grammes

Tailball Light weight 12 Grammes


Tailball is a game that has been specificall designed to help youngsters to develop racket sport skills and improve their hand to eye co-ordination. Tests have proved that Tailball is more successful in achieving this than the traditional equipment used for racket sports


The Tailball bats are designed using rigid plastic which is durable and helps to slow the game down as the bats themselves avoid the spring of traditional rackets. The plastic bats have a checker design and a perforated head structure which allows easy passage of the air. The smaller handle length is also designed to slow the game down by limiting the speed and the head of the bat at the point of impact.


The advantage of the actual ball itself is that it's flexible tail rustles and flutters during flight, drawing the player's eye to it automatically. The ball has a slower flight, making it easier to watch and follow through the air. This gives the player more time to react and to prepare for the strike. The flight of the ball has a reduced length compared with other balls so a smaller court is all that is required. The balls also drops flat and avoids the need for running after the ball before the next point can be reached.

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